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Entellio a unified communication platform for enterprise

  • Entellio for Internal enterprise communications
  • Enterprise Peer to Peer Chat Assistant
  • Enterprise Search Engine
  • Entellio for Video Conferencing

    Connecting disparate Business functions together.


    Creating a compelling experience for the users.


    Simplifying Customer journeys leading to cash.

    Best app in the market



    Entellio is a self learning NLP/AIML based enterprise Chat bot designed to replace today's mobile self-care applications. Entellio (Enterprise Intelligence) is the next gen solution for customer interactions, which will enable enterprises to provide a superlative customer experience to their customers.

    Smart Reply/

    Provides options for closed ended questions

    Auto/Manual Escalation/

    Escalation to Live Agent

    Transactional Capability/

    Pay bills, request for upgrades, buy new products & services

    Contextual Service/

    Customer experience analytics and recommendations

    /Data capture

    Holistic view of user without manual intervention

    /Future of Self Care

    Your personal assistant to connect with the service provider

    /Continual Learning

    The learning never stops. Entellio knows your preferences

    /Assisted Navigation

    Assists user to find the right information faster

    Results in an Customer Experience Without Huge Investments


    Getting started with Mobile SDK

    Enhance the customer service experience Help your customers instantly anytime and anywhere, no more waiting on phone in peak hours or next business day.

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    We are here to answer any question you may have.Reach out to us and we will respond as soon as we can. Even if there is something you have always wanted to experience and cant find in Entellio. let us know we will find it best to find it for you and send you there.

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