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A Robust and Flexible End-to-End Enterprise Grade Chatbot Platform.


You can find out what is in store for you with the videos and documents that picturizes usage of our framework.

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Bot Creation

Entellio Is a cognitive bot framework and not just a single bot, it allows easy on boarding for creating new bots.

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Bot Store

Entellio provides an ever-growing and pre-loaded Bot Store with multiple bots related to different domains.

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Awesome Features

  • Unlimited bots at price of single license
  • GUI based Dialog Builder
  • Service API Orchestration
  • Auto create Intent and Entities using NLP that enable AI conversation

Personalized Responses

Entellio is enriched with cards system to customize the responses or replace default, universal responses and error messages with unique, configured messages via a dedicated bot response editor.

Design System

We are driven by motto to improve organizational efficiency and worker productivity by empowering users to complete routine tasks in less time with our framework.

To Our Customers

  • Fast deployment
  • Offering both Cloud & On-premise deployment options
  • Improve customer service and retention with bots that can anticipate requests and future needs and deliver instant answers in real-time, 24/7
  • Create smarter, higher-value purchase and service interactions for your customers
  • Simplify the process of interacting with complex enterprise systems and minimize the impact of manual, resource-intensive business and supply chain processes
  • Expand the reach of our brand by engaging with customers in a consistent and intuitive manner across all touch points

Report Analytics

You can view the detailed reports of conversations of a bot with users, analyze them and change the flow of the conversations if required.

Moderator Support

Bot admin can enhance his/her bot personality by providing appropriate response to the user, if found the user query is not answered. This response provided by the admin can be later utilized to train the bot.

Featuring Notifications

Customized alerts/remainders

Multi Channel Support

Our framework has the capability to connect your bot to different channels and facilitates communication. A single bot can be connected to multiple channels at same time.

We made bot integration easier for you

Web Connect is the channel we are providing to integrate the bot you create with your website. Configuration of this channel provides you a code snippet which can be used in your web page.

Supports any Organization or Domain

Entellio can be customized to any industry and usecase. We have already designed solutions for different domains available in our bot store.

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